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About Me

   My name is Ronnie McQueen, my home town is Copeville, Texas.I was born in Wylie, Texas on July 11th 1990. I've always been raised as a REDNECK, COWBOY, REBEL, CONFEDERATE,COUNTRY BOY, and a HICK (BY THE GRACE OF GOD).I have Rodeoed since I was 7 years old, I've been an active member in FFA since 1999,and I go to to Community Middle School.
   In Rodeo, I bullride mainly,and I also do tie down roping,some team roping, quite a bit of bull doggin. In FFA, I show swine (Hampshire's),and later on this school year I'm gonna do some horse judgin. I've gone to Wylie Schools until the 2003-2004 schools years, I started goin to Community.
   if you are wandrin, I do have animals. I have 3 horses,a Tennessee Walking Horse named Comanche, a Mustang named Apache, and a Quarter Horse named Silver Bullet. My Tennessee Walkin Horse is mainly used for just ridin,my Mustang is full black I use'em for rodeo's or Huntin, my Quarter Horse is for nothin but Rodeo's.
   I have a Hampshire pig named Black Lightning. 2 dogs, a Chinese Standerd Shar-Pea named Dakota, and I got a Weirmaraner named Desoto. My pig is my FFA project. Dakota is a lap dog, and Desoto is my Huntin dog. Well I guess thats about it and I hope you enjoy your visit here. Bye 


This Ole Dog'll Hunt